I have been providing full care hoof care services to the equine industry for 35+ years. I trim and shoe horses ranging from the backyard horse up to and including national champions in Dressage, Western Pleasure, Hunters, Jumpers. My custom includes horses with hoof and limb pathologies such as laminitis, founder, navicular syndrome and disease, ringbone, sidebone, pedal osteitis, thrush, white line disease, seedy toe, coffin bone fractures, abscesses, puncture wounds and more, As well as horses whose discipline requires the use of weighted shoes, pads and/or other specialty items. I have a fully mobile shop and depending on needs and circumstances can work/provide hot or cold shoeing including the use of aluminum, urethane and other polymers for the fabrication and/or attachment of any horseshoe or other hoof protection device. I do not trim/shoe draft horses but I do provide services to draft horse-light horse crosses. My custom currently includes Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Half-Arabians/NSHs, Fresians, Andalusians, Quarter Horses, Morgans, Warmbloods, Ponies and Miniature Horses. I will travel up to 200 miles from Champaign, Il at the client’s expense. I do phone and e-mail consultations. Please call for information regarding services, fees, trip charges and to schedule appointments.

Additional Info

Farrier SchoolUHK and OHS
CertificationCertified Journeyman Farrier (AFA CJF)


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