I graduated Kentucky Horseshoeing School in 1999.I grew up working around horses my entire life.I always found it easy to understand horses were I paired my understanding of the horses anatomy and a little horsemanship a good fit.There began my evolution.I find my self forging steel but always learning about various ways to help horses stay sound. I have been a A.F.A. member since I graduated and attend clinics biannually. My mission is keeping horses sound.As a steward of the foot I treat every horse like its my own, putting your horses welfare, along with my safety, as priority number one. I hold a PA. track license enabling me to work on all race tracks in the state of Pennsylvania. I have shod horses Pa., MD., NJ.,and now Tn. I do all types but mostly hunters, dressage, 3-day eventer’s, polo, trail, and therapeutic work. Pour in pads, glue on’s and casting. in short there is not a problem I can’t fix, if not stabilize, till the foot grows.

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Farrier SchoolMaster Blacksmith School From Kentucky Horseshoeing School 1999


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