Paul Uys uses a gentle method to work with your horses. He has trained both as an apprentice with a South African Farrier and with the Equestrian Unit of the South African Armed Forces. He is a former member of the South African National Endurance Race Team. Paul has 25+ years of experience as a Farrier, having begun his training as a young teenager.
Paul is located in North Central North Dakota in the town of Bottineau. He is willing to travel with a mileage fee to any areas so, get your friends and neighbors together and split the mileage. :)

People have referred to Paul as a horse whisperer but, true to whisperer form, he will deny the existence of them! You will, however, enjoy watching him work with your horses. Paul is available for standard trimming, corrective trimming and hoof care as well as horse training.

Please call 701-871-0894 to speak to Paul about your horses and call 701-871-0393 or 701-228-2064 to make an appointment or discuss rates with Linda.

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