I am a certified BWFA Journeyman since 1994 and graduated from Evan’s Farrier school in 1990. I have been shoeing and trimming horses for soundness the traditional way for the last 20 years. I prefer to keep horses as natural as possible by keeping them barefoot. If shoes are necessary I believe in using plastic or urethane shoes which gives better shock absorption than old steel or aluminum. It also allows the frog to have better contact to the ground keeping the blood circulating properly. I also use cordless grinders for rasping as it improves healthy growth and prevents chipping. I have found this best for older horses that may be arthritic and unable to hold up their feet as long.

I was born 1968 in Walworth, Wisconsin and am the middle of five children. I was adopted at 10 months old and grew up in the town of Caledonia. I started riding horses at five years old and have been ever since. I have one son, Justin, who rode with me a lot when he was a kid but now is in college for Computer Forensics. My interest in becoming a farrier started when I was 16 years old. I also went to phlebotomy school and received my degree from WCTC. I am now shoeing and trimming full time as well as running a snowplowing business in the winter season. In my free time, I like to trail ride and camp with horse Ranger and I also enjoy riding my Harley Davidson on nice days, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.

Through continued education via seminars, personal research, studying colleagues and veterinarians, I continue to explore and expand on a variety of hoof care methodologies. I currently serve the Southeastern Wisconsin but am willing to travel for special cases. If you have any further questions regarding my practice or other services I offer please contact me at (262) 443-3280.

-Don Ellertson

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CertificationBWFA Journeyman I


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