Raised on Long Island NY and moved to Arizona and set up practice in 1979 shoeing a wide variety of breeds of Horses everything from backyard pony’s to national show champions.Re-located back to Long Island to care for family I am available for Horseshoeing or consultations .My experience in the west has brought a truly unique perspective to my life long passion as a Farrier having spent alot of my recreational time following and observing herds of wild Horses and Mustangs learning how they behave and survive in such harsh conditions as well as working with the BLM and their adoption program.I also adopted an injured Apache Mustang Stallion and after nursing him back to health ,enjoyed 28 years with the most amazing Horse and friend i could ever have .Feel free to call upon me for your Long Island NY Horseshoeing needs

Additional Info

Farrier SchoolOklahoma Farriers College graduate 1978
CertificationCertified Journeyman Farrier (AFA CJF)


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