If you own a horse, then you know how critical it is to ensure hoof health. One of the best ways you can do this is by getting a farrier tool kit and learning how to use it. This enables you to maintain your horse’s hoofs without having to call the farrier. And make it apart of your horse grooming routine.

You will likely still need to rely on the farrier for shoeing, since none of the kits that we review here includes all of the tools of the trade. Nonetheless, you’ll appreciate having the ability to better care for your horse.

Farriers also may want to consider adding one of these kits to their everyday supplies. Each one contains several useful tools and a convenient case to make transportation straightforward.

These kits are compact enough to travel with you if you’re spending several days on the trail. They fit easily into saddlebags and knapsacks for on-the-go requirements. With these tools within reach, you’ll be able to handle problems as they arise.

Here are our top three picks for farrier tools kits. Any of them would make a valuable addition to your collection.

Good: 5 Piece Farrier Tool Kit

Better: 11 Piece Farrier’s Tool Kit

Best: Pro Rider Complete Farrier Tool Kit with Carrying Case Kit

Honorable Mention: 8-Piece Complete Farrier Kit

Farrier Tools Kits

Horse Farrier Tool Kit

Thisfive-piece set covers all of the basics for those who want to maintain their horse’s hoofs between visits from the farrier. Each tool is constructed from vanadium steel.

The addition of vanadium to steel is essential for added strength, which means that this is a durable set of farrier tools. This particular kit is ideal and would make a great deal for someone who wants all of the basic tools of the trade.

This kit includes nippers, which are essential for trimming the hoof wall so that it is the correct length. The nail pullers are specifically design to grip nail heads to make them easier to remove from the shoe crease.

Also included in the kit are two hoof knives, one that is oval and another that is curved. The clinch block can be used for nail setting while the clinch cutter, which looks like an undersized hatchet, is used to get rid of excess nail points.

  • Hoof knife
  • Shoe Puller
  • Hoof nipper
  • Rasp and Rasp Handle
  • Roll-up Farrier kit bag with pockets and Velcro(R) closures Handles can come in assorted colors

Each item in this kit conforms to CE, ISO 9001 and FDA standards. They are collected into a nice bag, which can easily be folded and includes a sturdy nylon handle and tie for convenient transport. You’ll have just about everything you need for basic shoeing and grooming with this kit.

11 Piece Farrier’s Tool Kit Set

  1. Horse Hoof Nippers
  2. Clincher Tester Knife
  3. Rasp
  4. Chisel
  5. Shears
  6. Floats
  7. Equine Dental
  8. Fold Up Case

This deluxe set has just about everything you can imagine needing to provide basic care to your horse. It includes a hoof tester, which is essential equipment for probing the horse’s hoof for painful areas. You’ll also find a farrier’s rasp in the kit.

This tool can be used by farriers or riders who discover a rough edge on a hoof in the midst of a ride. Back at the stable, the rasp can be used for a multitude of chores. Keeping the horse’s hoofs level and even is the most important one.

The included chisel is perhaps more useful to the farrier than it is to the horse owner, as this tool typically is used to widen nail holes or remove embedded nails.

Another tool in this kit that is best wielded by a professional is the float. Horse teeth grow without stopping. Usually, their teeth wear down naturally through eating, but sometimes a sharp edge will develop.

That sharp edge may make it difficult for your horse to eat. She also may have a difficult time taking a bit. The troublesome tooth or teeth can be filed down with a chisel-like tool called a float.

Precision and knowledge are required to do this job. In other words, it’s not something you want to attempt without having undergone the necessary training.

Another important tool, the bot knife, is included in the kit. This useful implement makes it easier to remove bot fly eggs from the legs, knees and chest of the horse.

This deluxe set from comes in a handsome, roll-up kit that can be taken anywhere. The quality of the tools makes the price worthwhile.

Complete Essential Farrier Tools Kits

Complete Essential Farrier Tools Kits

Pro Rider Complete Farrier Tool Kit with Carrying Case Kit

A convenient bag holds eleven tools that are essential to the farrier’s trade. This set from Pro Rider includes essentials like a hoof tester, nippers, rasp and a farrier’s knife…and much more.

Unlike the other kits listed here, this one includes a farrier’s nailing hammer.

This implement typically is used to punch holes through the hoof. Claws on the opposite side of the hammer’s head allow the farrier to wring off any nail tips that come through the horse’s hoof.

These farrier tools kits provide you with all of the basics that you need in a quality case. Secure loops in the carrying case keep everything from shifting around.

You’ll always know where everything is, and be able to access each tool quickly.

Solid construction and a good reputation are yet more reasons why you might want to choose this kit to add to your personal collection. With easy grip handles and ergonomic shaping, you’ll find that these tools are among the easiest you have ever used.

Taking care of a horse can seem like a daunting responsibility, but it certainly helps to have the right tools. Any of these kits could provide you with the basics that you need to provide your horse with ongoing hoof care.

If you are a farrier, then you will appreciate the durable nature of these tools as well as the quality of the carrying cases. You will want to have one of these farrier tools kits always at hand whether you are a farrier or just want to take care of your horse between shoeings.

Good: 5 Piece Farrier Tool Kit

Better: 11 Piece Farrier’s Tool Kit

Best: Pro Rider Complete Farrier Tool Kit with Carrying Case Kit

Honorable Mention: 8-Piece Complete Farrier Kit