Farrier Associations

American Farriers Association

The American Farrier Assocation is a national association devoted to the development of farriers and the industry through leadership, resources and education. Each and every effort made by the organization is based on the five tenets of Education, Certification, Communication, Research and Innovation.


Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association

The Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association is a non-profit organization aimed at providing horse owners with accurate information on shoeing by professional farriers. This organization is the largest farrier association in the world by membership count including farriers, horse owners and members of the public interested in the farrier profession. The Brotherhood of Working Farrier Association also promotes farrier certification and encourages horse owners to seek certified farriers when shoeing.


American Association of Professional Farriers

The American Association of Professional Farriers was launched in January 2012 with the intent to promote the integrity of the farrier industry by strengthening the knowledge and skills of its members through continuing education and support at the state, national and international levels while improving overall equine health through collaboration with other industry professionals.


Farriers Association of Washington State (FAWS)

The Farrier Assocation of Washington State is a Washington-based organization devoted to enhancing communication and learning between farriers and to increase overall horse industry communication. The FAWS also organizes clinics and conventions for all professionals in the horse industry in order to exchange views and thoughts as well as exchange information about their profession.


San Diego County Farriers Association

The San Diego County Farriers Association is a non-profit organization promoting sound and safe practices of the farrier science within the Sand Diego County. The SDCFA also seeks to provide education and hands-on experience in the field of farriery and horse care.


Rocky Mountain Farrier Association

The Rocky Mountain Farrier Association is a non-profit organization based out of the Rocky Mountain region dedicated to organizing professional farriers and others within horse related professions in sharing and promoting interest in the science of farriery. This association is strictly for educational purposes and also educates the public on the subject of the farrier.


Pennsylvania Professional Farriers’ Association

The Pennsylvania Professiona Farrier Association is a Pennsylvania based organization devoted to organizing farriers and horse-related professionals and to facilitate education regarding the farrier industry and profession. The PPFA also seeks to promote the farrier industry within the community and encourage learning about the profession for those interested.


Georgia Professional Farrier’s Association

The Georgia Professional Farrier’s Association is a Georgia-based organization dedicated to educating members and the public alike in shoeing methods and business management. The GPFA seeks to better the industry and improve standards of quality within the farrier industry.


Indiana Farriers’ Association

The Indiana Farrier’s Association is an Indiana-based organization whose purpose it is to promote and encourage quality in the farrier industry as well as sponsoring and promoting educational farriery meetings and activities.


South Carolina Farrier’s Association

The South Carolina Farrier’s Association is a South Carolina association dedicated to educating all farriers. The SCFA hosts clinics each month in an effort to continually improve its members. The SCFA is an official state chapter of the American Farriers Association.


Texas Professional Farriers Association

The Texas Professional Farriers Assocation is a Texas based group whose purpose it is to increase skill level and better business practices for all farriers within the greater Texas area. The TPFA has also developed a multi-level certification program and host regular clinics and family gatherings.


Missouri Farriers’ Association

The Missouri Farriers’ Association is a group of farriers dedicated to continuing the education of practicing farriers within the greater Missouri area. The MFA is also a registered chapter of the Brotherhood of Working Farriers.


Minnesota Farriers Association

An association devoted to education Minnesota farriers and promoting clinics, meetings and seminars for the purpose of bringing professional farriers together. The MFA also promotes the sharing of information and skills for the benefit or horses and the industry.


Maryland Farriers Association

The Maryland Farriers Association is a local chapter of the American Farriers Assocation for the greater Maryland Area. The primary focus of the MFA is promoting unity and education within the Maryland farrier community.


Oregon Farriers Association

The Oregon Farriers Association is an Oregon based group devoted to holding clinics and fostering communication between all professional farriers of Oregon. The OFA seeks to keep Oregon farriers continually educated and improve standards of quality for farriery within the Oregon area.


Oklahoma Farrier’s Association

The purpose of the OFA is to promote communication and fellowship among farriers within the state of Oklahoma. The OFA also encourages the development of technical skills related to farriery through continued education and fostering idea exchange.


Iowa Professional Farriers Association

The IPFA is an Iowa based group dedicated to furthering knowledge of the farrier by continually educating its members and taking an active role within the farrier industry. The IPFA is open to farriers as well as owners, veterinarians and any member of the public interested in farriery.


North Carolina Horseshoers Association

The North Carolina Horseshoers Association is a fellowship of all farriers residing within the North Carolina area with the purpose of promoting excellence in the science of farriery. The NCHA also seeks to improve the quality of craftsmanship within its organization and the farriery industry.


Alabama Professional Farriers Association

The Alabama Professional Farriers Association is an Alabama-based chapter of the American Farriers Association. The ALPFA is committed to improving the farrier industry by providing for educational clinics and contests.


Southern Farriers Association

The Southern Farriers Association is a group consisting of southern farriers whose sole mission is the better the farriers profession. The SFA also seeks to promote communication and idea exchange among its members through open dialog and friendship.


Nevada Professional Farriers Association

The Nevada Professional Farriers Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing events and clinics with the purpose of educating its members on the business of the farriery industry.


Vermont Farriers Association

The Vermont Farriers Association is a Vermont-based group who is dedicated to the welfare of horses and their hooves. The VFA values continued education of its members and the public relating to horse hoof health.


Virginia Horseshoers Association

The Virginia Horseshoers Association exists to organize and promote the science of farriery and to maintain and improve the quality of craftsmanship within the association. The VHA also actively sponsors educational clinics and lectures to further education of its members.


The Guild of Professional Farriers

The Guild of Professional Farriers’ sole mission is to improve the farrier profession through continued education, documentation of the science, independent testing and ensuring members continue to improve their trade and art through practice and education.


Farriers of Idaho Guild

The Farriers of Idaho Guild is an Idaho-based group dedicated to the professional development of farriers through leadership and resources for the benefit of the industry and its members. The FIG is a registered state chapter of the American Farriers Association.


Southern New England Farriers Association

The Southern New England Farriers Association is a chapter of the American Farriers Association. The goal of SNEFA is to establish high ethical standards, continuously improve farrier skills through education and professional development, and to promote safe and applicable hoof care standards.


Western New York Farrier’s Association

A member chapter of the American Farrier’s Association, the WNYFA is comprised of independent professional farriers working in the areas stretching from Buffalo to Syracuse. The WNYFA was established in 1981 for the education and training of farriers and to help improve the service to horses and owners


Western Canadian Farrier’s Association

The Western Canadian Farrier’s Association is a non-profit whose main purpose it is to promote excellence in the science of farriery. The WCFA seeks to inform the public and horse owners of the quality and standard of horse farriery and to better those standards of quality.


Ontario Farrier’s Association

The Ontario Farriers Association is an Ontario-based non-profit organization that speaks for the interests of its members regarding hoof care. The OFA also seeks to improve the skills of its members and provide standards for quality within the industry.

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