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We’re America’s leading and most user-friendly site for connecting horse owners and farriers.

Our searchable farrier network includes certified and professional farriers from across the United States and Canada with full-page profiles featuring in-depth biographies, photos, references, and qualifications, (i.e. certifications, experience, training, apprenticeships, and association memberships). Horse owners can browse the farrier network or use our advanced search feature to find a local farrier by state, city, zip code or county. Find your perfect farrier today!

All You Need to Know About Horse Grooming

As horse owners, we occasionally experience difficulties finding a well-qualified farrier. A good farrier may move, retire, take vacation, or become overbooked. The problem of finding a new farrier can become quite an inconvenience. Where do you look? You can ask your fellow horse owners for a reference, check a local phone book, or look for flyers at the local feed and tack store. However, all of these sources have one major problem… they are time consuming and offer very limited information about the farrier themselves.

Thus, an idea began to take shape. The idea was simple – set up a comprehensive and easy to use farrier network where horse owners from across the United States and Canada can conveniently search for farriers by state, city or zip code, or services. So in early 2011, after a lot planning, hard work, and a little luck, eFarriers.com was officially launched!

We welcome and encourage your questions, comments, suggestions and ideas as a way to continuously improve our service. Thank you for your comments and for supporting eFarriers.com.

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